‘A lot of pain’: Varese says he doesn’t want to leave Bari

On Friday, the former Bari defender and current Bari coach Roberto Vareselo said he does not want to go anywhere and that he will not return to Serie A.

Varesela was appointed in June to replace Maurizio Sarri as Bari boss, who was sacked on Friday after a 2-0 defeat at home to Fiorentina.

Baria have struggled in the past year and are just four points above the relegation zone, with Varesey having made a series of tactical changes.

His first appointment was to a bench that included former Milan and Inter midfielder Andrea Barzagli, who is now in charge of Lazio.

Vereselo has spoken about his frustration at not being able to lead his side to the top of the table, and he has been keen to put a positive spin on the current state of affairs.

However, Varesello has insisted that Bari have not been able to get out of the relegation battle and that they must now focus on improving.

“I have a lot of disappointment,” he told AS Roma.

“But I don’t want a return to Bari.

Bari are in a very bad situation, in the last six or seven years.

There are many mistakes, and we have to fix them.

I want to win the league, but I also want to be part of Bari’s future.

Baria are a great club, but they are in trouble.

I hope the team can continue to improve and win the title.”

This year was a little difficult, but we will get back to the league.

I don´t want to move to another club.

I have a great relationship with Baria and the fans, so I donít want the pressure of having to change a coach.

I like the club and I am not thinking about going elsewhere.

“The club will remain in Bari and the supporters will support me.

But I do not want the press to give me a bad reputation.”