All-New Sante Mineral Powder is a Complete Natural Mineral Solution for Hair, Body and Skin

Now that Sante has made its way onto the market, we’re happy to see its name and product name come up again in more and more hair and beauty products, especially with a brand new product launch coming in January.

The new product is a complete natural mineral solution that’s formulated with natural ingredients and formulated to help restore and protect your hair, skin and body.

The mineral solution has been formulated to promote the health of the hair and body and provides hydration and elasticity for hair, while the skin has been made moisturized and treated with natural exfoliating ingredients.

Sante’s new mineral product launch is slated to take place January 23rd and it’s currently available in a few countries, such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

Santos mineral solution also has a lot of potential for skin care and is being sold in a range of different types of hair and skin care products, such a shampoo, conditioner, lotion and more.

The product is available in three varieties: Natural, Natural and Combination. 

Santos natural mineral shampoo is a blend of 100% natural ingredients, including coconut oil, jojoba oil and coconut water, to create a refreshing natural shampoo that contains botanical extracts. 

The new mineral shampoo will be available in the US and UK from January 23 through February 14 and in other markets from February 14 through February 20.

The formula is made with a special blend of essential oils, which can be found in the Sante mineral formula.

Santas natural mineral conditioner is a combination of the mineral and plant extracts that were found in Sante and is available for free in the UK and Ireland.

The Sante formula contains extracts from different plant species, such green tea, black tea and green and blue tea, to make a natural, nourishing, and effective conditioner that helps to soften, repair and condition hair and scalp.

Sonthes moisturizing conditioner also comes with botanical essential oils to nourish and restore skin, while Sante Natural Mineral Moisturizer comes with essential oils that can be extracted to enhance the skin’s natural healing properties.

The new Sante Moisture & Facial Toner is also a combination ingredient of essential and botanical ingredients that are also made with botanicals.

Sondes moisturizing formula is also available in France, Germany and the US.

The toner contains a combination mix of essential oil extracts and botanically derived ingredients to make it more moisturizing and hydrated.

The dry-down of the product is formulated to restore and strengthen hair, leaving skin feeling moisturized, soft and smooth.

To see the full range of Sante products, visit their website.