Four Four Two

Four FourFour Two has launched a new product line called “mineral Powder”.

The line features the most natural, cruelty-Free mineral powder available in the UK, including essential oils, essential oils and extracts, as well as a range of other natural ingredients, such as vitamin C and other trace elements.

The range is available for £10 per bottle.

It’s currently available in stores and online, but will be rolling out to other outlets soon.

A statement from the company said:”FourFour Two is committed to helping women in all their stages of life with the most effective and effective products to support and transform their lives.

This range of products is the culmination of our extensive research and we are delighted to be able to offer the most unique range of natural and cruelty- Free products in the world.”

This range will help us continue to support our clients in their journeys and will enable us to offer them a range that has the most impact on their wellbeing.

“With our diverse range of essential oils in this range, as we grow our business and our team we will continue to offer our clients a range and product that they can rely on.”

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