How to add ‘kiss’ to your nails for the perfect finish

A ‘kissed-up’ look is all about a flawless finish, and the same goes for your nails.

However, if you’re not sure if you want to take on the look, there are a few tips to help you out.

Here are six easy ways to achieve a perfect ‘kiss’, from brushing your nails to adding some extra polish to your manicure.

If you’re looking to add a touch of ‘kissiness’ to a manicure, there’s a number of ways to go about it.

Brush your nails before your manicurist arrives, and then, after brushing your own nails, add a little extra polish, to create the illusion of a ‘kiss’.

This simple tip can give you a ‘bump’ that gives your manicured nails a little more sparkle, while still maintaining the perfect ‘bounce’ to create a stunning finish.

Once you’ve done this, it’s best to leave your nails bare to prevent the nails from feeling overly ‘soft’.

Apply your polish to the bottom of your nails and then carefully brush them back into place.

If your manicures aren’t done yet, try a little bit of a different approach to your nail bed.

You can also dab some of your nail polish over your nail beds, or just dab a bit onto your nail and leave it there for a few minutes, to give your nails a chance to breathe.

Alternatively, you can put a dab of your own nail polish on your top or bottom, then leave it for a bit.

When your nails are dry, brush them again, adding a little sparkle to the design.

After your nails have finished drying, add some more polish to create what we call a ‘smooth’ finish.

This is when you apply a ‘slightly’ rougher or ‘smoother’ coat of polish to top and bottom nails, and leave your top and bottoms bare.

To achieve a smooth finish, you’ll need to apply a coat of nail polish, as well as a dab or two of polish.

This can be tricky, so it’s recommended to apply two coats of nail product to the top and two coats to the bottoms, to achieve the look.

You can also apply a dab to your top nail and top-bottom nails, to make a perfect little ‘sugar plum’ effect.

Apply your ‘smoothed’ coat to the sides of your top nails, then top it off with your ‘soft’ coat, then wait for the top coat to dry completely.

To add some extra shine, you could try adding a dab in between your top- and bottom-nails, and adding a small amount of your ‘kissy’ polish to that layer.

Alternatively, you might even add a small dab of a little dab of nail oil to the layer you’re adding polish to.

When all your nails look great and smooth, it may be time to finish off the look with a manicurizing brush.

This is when your manicuring brush will provide a nice touch of sparkle for the finish.