How to get rid of ‘fuzzy’ eyelashes

Minerals in mineral blush powder, a new mineral blush product from Innisfree, can help fix “fuzziness” on the lashline.

It’s an ingredient used in mineral eye creams and other products, but the new mineral products are only available in New York City.

The brand is offering a free trial of its Mineral Eye Make Up Brush and Eye Shadow Powder to anyone who preorders an Innisfee Mineral Eye Powder Brush or Eye Shadow Pencil, or visits the store.

To get the Mineral Eye Face Paint brush, you need to purchase a $19.99 mineral eye mask ($15.99 for men) or a $14.99 eye mask with mineral blush ($18.99).

The Mineral Eye Eyeshadow Brush is available for $20, and you can pick up a $15.29 mineral eyeliner brush ($11.99) or $15,000 in Mineral Eyeshadows for $16.99.

To find out how to get the mineral eye blush, visit the company’s website.

The Mineral Eye Eye Makeup Brush comes in a two-pack, which costs $35.50, and is available online now.

If you want to see more of the products in the Mineral Powder line, check out this roundup.