How to use mineral powder primer on your skin

Health officials in Australia have announced a warning that the mineral powder can cause skin cancer.

According to ABC News, a Queensland health department spokesman said that a small study conducted in Queensland found a link between the mineral products and skin cancer, but the link is unclear.

The Queensland Health Department said that the study involved 12,000 people and that the results were preliminary.

According in the statement, the study showed a “significant increase in risk of melanoma and melanoma-specific neoplasms” among those using mineral powders.

“The risk of developing these types of cancers is increasing, and more studies are needed to establish the health effects of this product,” the statement said.

“We recommend that all Australians use mineral powder safely.”

The spokesman also advised that those who use mineral supplements should use them “with care and with the best care possible.”

According to the Queensland Health Minister, the health department will not be providing more information until the study is finished.

“This study is a preliminary one and we will be doing further research to understand the actual risks to the Australian community,” he said.