‘Lakota’ Powder and Mineral Extractions Are Not Natural – New Jersey Liquor Store

New Jersey liquor store owners have been hit with a lawsuit alleging they illegally sold mineral powder to a customer who was using a mask that contained the powder and extracted extractions.

The lawsuit claims a customer purchased mineral powder and extractions at a New Jersey convenience store from the Liquor Control Commission of New Jersey.

According to the lawsuit, a man named Eric Coyle bought a mask and powdered extractions from the LCC in December of 2015.

The suit claims that when Coyle went back to the store after the purchase, he discovered that the powder had been mixed with water, which was not allowed.

The complaint also claims that Coyle then contacted the LPC about the purchase.

The Liquor Commission then contacted LCC and told them that Coyles mask contained mineral powders and extractations and that they would have to remove the mask from Coyles hands, according to the complaint.

However, the Lcc didn’t remove the masks, but instead sent Coyle a refund.

The LCC is also claiming that the mask had not been properly labeled.

The company is asking the court to enjoin the Liquors Commission from making a claim of false advertising.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.