Mineral Touch powder ‘no longer suitable for use’

A mineral powder manufacturer in Ireland has said it is no longer suitable to use in cosmetics because of the risk of toxic contamination.

The mineral powder brand Mineral Touch Powder was founded in 2004 and is a small-scale producer of mineral powder.

It said in a statement it had been contacted by the Irish Food Standards Agency (IFSA) and the Department of Health and the Gardaí, but the agency has said no-one was seriously affected.

“There is no risk to consumers,” it said.

“However, the product may contain ingredients which are potentially toxic.

The company is investigating this.”

In April, the Gardai launched an investigation into the safety of Mineral Touch, which was sold in Ireland to some customers in the United Kingdom. 

“The Irish Government has issued a warning and advised the company that the product was no longer acceptable to use as a cosmetic ingredient in cosmetic products,” the company said. 

According to the company, Mineral Touch is an “accelerated powder”, which means it has been made by mixing together ingredients with a higher concentration of a substance, such as sulphuric acid.

“It has been shown to have a similar chemical structure to some other powders and has a much lower boiling point,” the statement said.

The Irish Food Inspection Agency (IFA) said it had received several complaints from consumers, including that the products contained harmful chemicals, including a toxic substance called pyrene sulfide (PSS), which has been linked to lung damage and liver damage.

The agency said it was investigating the allegations.