New Zealand’s ‘natural’ cosmetics: It’s all about the ‘organic’

“We are so proud to have these products because it is the natural way to do cosmetics,” says Shai Liao, owner of Natural Beauty International, a company that markets the Pureganic line.

“It is the organic way.”

Natural Beauty is the first company to use the term “natural” in its name, but other companies are quickly following suit.

The company is currently offering the Puregonic range of products as “natural,” while a “natural-made” line is available as a limited-edition “natural color” called “natural.”

Liao and her co-founders, Jennifer Gros, of the company and Sarah Meeks of the Beauty Science Institute at Western Washington University, believe that natural cosmetics are more versatile than their synthetic counterparts, because they are made with ingredients like beeswax and organic coconut oil that are not chemically treated.

For instance, Gros says, natural ingredients such as the organic coconut, cocoa butter, coconut oil and coconut shell oils are used to create products that are more lightweight and absorbent, which are ideal for oily skin and can be used as skincare products.

The ingredients used in the Puregans are also organic, meaning they are not genetically modified or engineered.

“We do it organic,” Gros explains.

“If you buy natural products from us, you’re buying organic ingredients.”

Organic-made skincares are also available from Natural Beauty, which recently added a limited edition “natural tint” line to its line.

Liao says that because she is a natural-made beauty brand, her products are “super natural” because they contain organic ingredients.

Lately, other companies have started to follow suit.

“They are using the term natural, but not to mean organic,” says Liao.

“Because natural is more inclusive than organic.”

For instance: Natural Beauty’s new “natural shade” line, which comes in a limited, three-piece palette, comes with two “natural shades” — a black and a pink shade.

The pink shade is a deep, black color that comes in the shape of a sunflower.

(The other “natural black” shade is also limited, but Liao calls it a “very subtle, natural-looking shade.”)

And the company is also offering a “nude shade” with an intense, matte finish that comes with a brush applicator.

The “nudes” range is currently limited to 100 samples.

Liai says that the line will expand over time, with the aim of offering “naked shades,” which she says are “very natural looking” and “sensational.”

The “natural shadow” shade comes in an opaque formula that is infused with vitamin E and vitamin E oil.

(It is also available as an opaque liquid.)

Natural Beauty also recently launched a line of “noseless” scents called “Natural Beauty Scentless Nude” that comes packaged in a bag.

It comes in three different shades, with one being a deep-pink, pinkish shade.

“There are a lot of natural scents out there, but I feel like the ones that are being created now are very subtle,” says Gros.

“The noseless scents are a little bit more powerful.

They are also a little more feminine.”

The line is currently available only through the Natural Beauty online store, but it will eventually be available at most major department stores.

“You can smell them and feel them and smell them,” says Meeks.

“But they’re very subtle.”

Lia, the owner of Pureganics, believes that natural products are more customizable and more practical because they can be made with a variety of ingredients, like botanicals, essential oils and vitamins.

Lina says that while the Natural Products line is “a bit niche,” she sees the trend for natural-style skincars as an important part of the cosmetics market.

“I think there is a lot more demand for natural than synthetic,” she says.

“People are very excited about the natural products.”

The Natural Beauty brand has also launched a new line of facial products called the “Beauty Cosmetics Series.”

The product line includes five different shades: a deep green, a deep yellow, a blue, a rose, a gold and a rosemint.

The product ranges are currently limited only to 10,000 samples, but the company says that it is working on expanding the range.

Lieni says the new range is meant to be a “one-stop shop” for natural beauty products.

“At the moment, we don’t have a lot to sell,” she explains.

In addition to using organic ingredients, the products are also vegan and gluten-free.

Liani says she is excited to introduce more natural-type products to the market and believes that Natural Beauty has the potential to be an important player in the makeup market