Sheer Mineral Powder from Luxe Jewelry is a Luxe Glow in the Dark, It’s the Perfect Mineral for a Night Out

A few months ago, published an article about the brand’s newest product, the Luxe Luminous Sheer Powder.

I was intrigued by the idea of using a shimmery sheen in my eyes, so I took the plunge and purchased the LuxE Glow in Color Sheer Eye Pencil.

Since then, I’ve been using it to apply my foundation in a few different ways.

My skin has always been a little prone to fine lines and uneven texture, so the Luminous Eye Penccils helped smooth out any imperfections I’ve had to contend with.

I’m not sure I’ve ever really had a problem with it, though, as it has never really clogged my pores or caused me to have breakout.

The Luminous Glow in Colour Sheer Eyeshadow is a really nice and subtle shade of shimmery pink.

It’s a nice, light pink that feels light on the skin, but it also blends beautifully into my skin tone and doesn’t make me look tired or pale.

If I had to choose a highlight to highlight my makeup, I’d go with this one.

I think I might use this as a regular highlight for my lips, though it also works well for highlighting my eyes as well. 

I also really like the Luminosity Sheer Lip Gloss in Red Velvet.

This is a super light gloss with a beautiful metallic sheen that I find to be perfect for my complexion.

I love the way this gloss gives me a light, matte finish and is very pigmented.

I use it as a base and then top it off with a matte lip pencil to highlight and finish my lip color.

It also does a great job of highlighting the redness on my cheeks.

It has a nice scent that reminds me of strawberry or strawberry jam.

I have oily skin and a lot of redness, so it’s not something I’m going to want to be wearing every day. 

In my opinion, the Luminosis Sheer Luminous Lip Gloss and Luminosity Luminous Matte Lip Gloss are both very pigmentation-rich and sheer, but they both have a great texture.

If you’re looking for a lighter gloss to use as a top or lip color, then this is definitely a great choice. 

If you’re a little more prone to breakouts, you could use this Luminosity Matte Lipstick in a darker shade to highlight your cheeks and a lighter one to highlight the lips. 

Overall, I think Luminosity has a pretty good range of products and I’m excited to try them all out.

They’re priced fairly low and the products are fairly well-made.

I know I’m probably not the most skincare savvy person, so if I can pick up some of the products that Luxe has, I’m definitely going to purchase a lot more.