The first man to reach the top of Mount Everest

The first American man to climb Everest has died at the top, his family said.

US mountaineer Craig Anderson died on Friday, his brother, Mark Anderson, told CNN. 

“He was the first person to reach Mt Everest,” his brother said.

“His family was extremely sad to hear this news.” 

The Mount Everest Base Camp is the base camp of the Himalayan trekking expeditions from Nepal. 

His body was flown to Kathmandu on Saturday, his body was taken to hospital for post-mortem examination and it was later flown back to base camp, according to CNN affiliate AP. 

The Everest Base camp is the main base camp for Everest expeditions, with thousands of people trekking each year to the peak. 

Mr Anderson, 39, was the highest climber in history when he reached the summit of the world’s tallest peak in 1953. 

He reached the peak on July 8, 1953.

The world’s oldest and second highest peak, the 4,843-metre (16,834-ft) K2, is at a different elevation than Everest. 

According to the National Geographic Society, K2 is also considered the most dangerous mountain in the world.

The Mount of the Gods, a temple at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, has been the site of numerous attacks by indigenous people.

The Temple of the Three Gods at the peak of Mount K2. 

At least 15 people have died trying to reach Everest’s summit.