Waffle House’s ‘favorites’ are ‘favors’ of ‘favorite brands’

Waffle Houses is taking some heat after it announced its “favorite” brand for its Waffle Packs.

The WaffleHouse spokesperson told The Huffington Post on Monday that the WafflePack is a product that’s popular across the country and that the company is “always looking to improve.”

The Waffles are a traditional waffle containing honey, sugar and vanilla that’s traditionally eaten with a slice of the apple.

Waffle Packs feature a mix of ingredients like cinnamon, raisins and apples.

They’re made with ground waffle, ground apple, sugar, cinnamon and salt and are served on a bun.

But they’re also made with a number of toppings like nuts, cheese, cream cheese, whipped cream and hot sauce.

“We’re always looking to increase the quality and variety of our waffle packs,” Wafflehouse spokesperson Jill Eckerly told HuffPost.

“We think there are a number [of] products that we could improve.”

So how did the company arrive at the list?

It was based on what they consider “favours” of “favorite brands,” according to Eckerley.

“The company did not make any changes to the product or any ingredient list for the Waffles,” Eckerler said.

“Instead, the list was based off the Waffles’ popularity, as well as their quality and consistency.”

It’s not the first time Wafflehouses has made a list of its “favorite” products.

In May, the company announced that its Waffles were one of its most popular items.

The Huffington Post reached out to Waffle Hut to ask how many of its customers had chosen the Wifes.

“While we do not make a list, we do make a number that we use to gauge our customers’ preferences and preferences are very important to us,” Eckersley told HuffPost on Monday.

“When you’re looking at what your customers love about the Wiffle, then we want to be sure to make sure we get that right.”

It should be noted that WaffleHuts is one of the few chains that still sells its Wifers through its online store.