When it comes to mineral bronzer, Bronzeflush will be the winner

Bronzeshadows are a very personal product.

Some are designed to give you the appearance of a flawless finish, while others give you a rich, lustrous finish.

For me, I’m not a fan of mineral bronzers.

I’ve been known to accidentally wear a mineral bronzed lip balm, which just isn’t a good look. 

I recently purchased my very first Bronzescreen mineral bronzeshadow.

It’s a beautiful pink color, but not the kind of pink I like.

The formula was creamy and I liked how the color matched the skin tone of the rest of the palette.

I also loved the shimmery texture of the shimmer. 

It was definitely my favorite Bronzashadow. 

The next time I was in the mood for a pink, I grabbed a sample of Bronzeville, a shade I have been wanting to try for a while now.

This is a rich orange shade that was easy to work with, but a little difficult to apply.

It also had a bit of a streaky finish.

I think Bronzewatch’s website is a little better about explaining its formulas, but I’m sure they’ll address this in the near future. 

This bronzescree shadow is a great alternative for a nice natural-looking pink. 

Another shade from BronzEville that I am very much looking forward to using is the “Coral Pink”.

This shade was an immediate hit with me, with it being one of my favorite shades from the palette and my favorite of the two.

It is a very beautiful orange that was opaque, but also had that natural finish that I love about most bronzer shades. 

There are some other nice shades in the palette, too, and they are definitely worth checking out.

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